If you are willing, we would be very blessed to have you join our band of Trunk-or-Treat volunteers on Halloween evening between 5 and 7.  Please consider filling out a Trunk-or-Treat registration form and returning it to: Faith Covenant Church, 475 Eighth St. Manistee, Mi 49675, placing it in the metal mail box outside the church office, or sending it electronically to: kateofficefcc@gmail.com.  


Our intention is to provide a safe alternative to traditional Halloween evening trick or treating, to provide a service to our community and to introduce our visitors to our church through a positive experience.  We hope our guests will leave having more than just a bag of candy to show for having been with us. 

We are excited to be able to plan a Trunk-or-Treat 2020 event for Saturday, October 31st from 5 - 7 pm! 

 As much as possible we have researched and reviewed recommendations from all supporting organizations and made decisions accordingly regarding Trunk-or-Treat 2020.  Our plans are made based on available information at this point, and we leave the things we cannot control, such as weather and positivity rates in God's hands.  We are working to provide for the safety of our community guests as well as the Trunk-or-Treat volunteers.

Following are some COVID 19 protocols for Trunk-or-Treat:
   1.  We will have a porta john available and plan for a volunteer to sanitize it regularly during the event.
   2.  We hope for 6 foot distancing as much as possible, but understand that families with children experiencing a sugar high, may not be able to manage this affectively.
   3.  An empty parking space will be between each decorated trunk space.
   4.  Lines for foot traffic will be clearly delineated.  With that in mind, we are hoping to take donations of saw horses to aid in directing traffic.  Traffic cones can also be used.  If you have any saw horses you can part with for an evening, please let us know this.  kateofficefcc@gmail.com
   5.  Regarding masks.  A typical Halloween costume mask is not an appropriate substitute for a COVID 19 face covering.  If possible, attempt to integrate a proper facial mask into your costume, or go without a costume at all.  In the choice between artistic expression and safety, we would choose safety.
    6.  Candy distribution should be by a gloved hand.  Candy will be distributed directly into children's bags or buckets by people wearing gloves.